How to take Cancalm® CBD So what % means?

Cancalm® % strengths both Raw and Refined refer to the concentration of active CBD in the 10ml bottle. So, our 10ml Bottle of 5% CBD oil contains 500mg of Active CBD, our 10% CBD oil contains 1000mg of Active CBD, our 25% CBD oil contains 2500mg of Active CBD.

What does % mean? All our CBD is of the same high quality it’s just the concentration that varies!

A usual starting dose on your Cancalm® CBD journey would be between 10-20mg per day of Active CBD. So depending on the strength of the CBD oil you choose, will determine how many drops of CBD oil you begin taking daily. For example, the 5% CBD oil, you would start gradually from 4-8 drops per day, in comparison the 25% CBD oil you would start with 1 drop a day and obviously you can adjust your dosage to what suits you, take it how you like it!

Referring to the table below, you can see which strength to buy to suit you!​​​​​​.

CBD Strength

Mg CBD Per 10ml

Drops Per 10ml

Active CBD Per Drop

5% CBD Oil




10% CBD Oil




25% CBD Oil





Cancalm Cocoa Melts™
​​​​​​​Cancalm® Cocoa Melts taken at full dosage (25mg of Active CBD) per melt, are designed for when you need that extra reassurance and sense of calm in your life. For example before a big event, such as public speaking, an exam, a meeting or to calm an overwhelming sense of anxiety.

However they can also be taken daily just as the CBD oil can, by rationing the amount of the Cocoa melt you take.

BELIEVE ME, we know how tempting it is to want to over indulge in chocolate, but you need to know that these are strong, so if you want to have the full pack be prepared to be “Cocoa Melt Comatosed”- joking aside, taking too much CBD can cause nausea so it is important that you take the right dose that suits you. EACH Melt contains 25mg of Active CBD. So our Cocoa Melts™ can either be halved or quartered depending on the dosage you want to take.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cancalm® suggest starting at 1 melt per day.

CBD and CBDa Capsules
CBD and CBDa Capsules each contain 10mg of Active CBD and are a great option if you find taking the oil sublingually for 90 seconds difficult. These are also great as you know exactly how much Active CBD you are taking. However they aren’t as fast acting as our CBD oils and Melts, but they are longer lasting within the tissues of the body.