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CBD Oil Drops

It’s a matter of taste - so Cancalm® offers not one, but two flavour-intensity levels; Refined CDB and Raw CBD.

What does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Our super smooth tasting drops are the perfect option for people who are looking for an alternative to the traditionally bitter taste associated with most hemp products.

Cancalm’s® Refined CBD is a refined oil, with the original hemp plant’s fats and waxes removed to leave a lighter, more palatable flavour.

Cancalm’s® Raw CBD oil contains most of the hemp compounds, producing a much more intensive flavour.

Choose your Strength

We have three strengths of oil drops ranging from 500mg, 1000mg through to 2500mg, so if you’re unsure which strength to use, start at 500mg and work upwards to a dose that suits your needs.

CBD Oil Benefits

It’s well documented in my personal blog the wide number of benefits to me of using Cancalm’s® Raw and Refined oil.

Take steps today to becoming a healthier, and more balanced version of you.

We are unable to make any medical claims about Cancalm’s® CBD products. They are sold as food supplements only. To this effect, Cancalm’s® is unable to offer any medical advice around the use of CBD Oil.

How to use CBD Oil Drops

Hemp extracts are now one of the leading CBD products on the market today, making them the perfect product for both novice and experienced users.

However, there is a common link between both novice and experienced user – they aren’t taking it correctly.

The common practice is to swallow the oil immediately, but this will no doubt reduce the effectiveness of the oil.

We recommend taking the oil sublingually meaning that it is administered orally and directly under the tongue. Specifically, we recommend holding the product under the tongue for 40 -90 seconds.

Using the oil extract in this way ensure maximum benefit, as tiny blood vessels under the tongue allow the active CBD ingredients to flow straight into the bloodstream.

Start your journey today

Set out on the road to becoming a healthier, calmer and better version of yourself today. Cancalm’s® CBD oil drops can help you achieve wellbeing.

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