Cacao CBD Melts - White Chocolate Flavour, UK
Cacao CBD Melts - White Chocolate Flavour, UK
Cacao CBD Melts - White Chocolate Flavour, UK
Cacao CBD Melts - White Chocolate Flavour, UK
Cacao CBD Melts - White Chocolate Flavour, UK

Cancalm CBD Cacao Melts

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50mg Melts
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CBD White Chocolate Flavour Melts

Welcome to Cancalm® the home of feeling free. Our CBD Cacao Melts are 100% legal to consume with no psychoactive effects.

To begin your new journey towards feeling better, try our Cacao CBD Melts. With a little white chocolate, they taste great (what's not to like about chocolate!)

And with the best way to taking them under the tongue the important CBD is able to sink in and into the bloodstream, producing a more effective result. New to CBD products? There is no hurry just pace yourself. Simply begin with 1 melt daily and work your way up to 2 melts daily if needed.

Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Dried Whole Milk, Milk Fat, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithins), Flavouring. Not suitable for vegans. Suitable for vegetarians.

Store product in original packaging and keep out of reach of children. Never exceed the recommended dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. This product is a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

THC content is below 0.20%.

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Good Cause:
A % of the proceeds of the sales of Cancalm
® products from this website will be donated to Tourette's Action UK for research and support purposes..

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I have been taking Cancalm oil 10% on a daily basis for a few weeks now. I have OA and Coltis and i am always interested in finding different complementary therapies to work alongside my other conventional treatments . I have tried previous high street cbd products and didn't feel any difference, it nearly put me off trying anymore cbd. I can honestly say that Cancalm is different.

The oil is great, the dosage is easy to understand & the dropper makes sure you only take the recommend dose. I'm already starting to feel some benefits with my symptoms, both physical & mental.

I've also tried the melts and i have to say this combination seems to work best for me. Not to mention the delicious taste! I have one these alongside the oil on a bad day and they really help.

The advice i received from Cancalm was fantastic, they are extremely knowledgeable about the human body and know the product/ingredients inside out.

I am very hopeful that Cancalm will help bring more balance to my body and continue to lessen the intensity of my symptoms. I believe it would help anyone bring some more balance into there lives.

Emma Pape | | January 2020


Was extremely nervous to take my driving test and was convinced I was going to fail due to my nerves , took one of these and calmed right down and took my mind off it and managed to pass first time !

Torez | Manchester | October 2019

You have given me back my children

Last week I stumbled across this company, I have been considering trying a cbd oil for 2 of my children (ages 8 & 6) for quite some time as my 8 year old daughter is on the Spectrum & struggles massively with her sensory processing disorder & my 6 year old son has Tourette’s (common ground I believe, with the founder of cancalm cbd, Courtney?) !! For years & years I have witnessed my babies struggle on a day to day basis, with their emotions & subsequent exhaustion, with anxiety surrounding their illnesses etc, Ribbon’s (8 yr old daughter) constant meltdowns, emotions running high & sensory seeking have, over the years, admittedly worn us all thin & at times put strains on relationships within the family! There’s been more times than I care to count when all I want to do is scoop her up into my arms & cuddle her & soothe her but instead been left in tears & feeling like a bit of a failure as a mother because she just couldn’t physically bare that kind of embrace whilst so over stimulated & upset!! Stanton (our 6 yr old son) has been known to avoid certain social situations on many occasions already at such a tender young age, due to his concerns about what strangers may think of him & his tics, it’s truly devastating to witness as his mummy, he was always so happy go lucky & confident before his tics abruptly arrived!! Now, only 1 week in using the cocoa melts on both children & all I can say is WOW... this product has given me back a big part of 2 of my beautiful children that I have so dearly missed, there are no words & thank you just doesn’t seem to cut it in all honestly, I am so so grateful to Courtney for creating this amazing product & also for all of her time & help & advice before I decided to purchase & trial these melts...nothing was too much trouble for Courtney when I threw tonnes of questions at her, customer service was second to none!!

My son’s tics have reduced massively & he’s enjoyed a week of being anxiety free whilst out & about around strangers, my daughter has been soooo much calmer, with far less meltdowns & when she does, she comes to me for that cuddle & allows me to comfort her & to help soothe her!!!!!! I have just placed another order, as there’s not a chance that I’m risking running out of these miracle melts!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx

Verity Bryan | Leicester | September 2019

Purchased some CBD oil and some cacao melts. very impressed with the products. Would recommend them to anyone who is interested in trying Cancalm CBD. 👍

Chris white | Stockport | September 2019

Great product, taste divine and melts really well under your tongue. My son was really nervous taking his driving test but by taking one of these melts he felt his anxiety ease after just a few minutes and passed his test first time. 🤩

| | July 2019