About Us


Busy lifestyles, stress, peer pressure and unrealistic expectations all impact on our wellbeing, and can trigger negative physical conditions as well as mental health deterioration. Welcome to Cancalm®. We’re your wellness partner, taking an holistic approach to feeling good. Helping people to take control of their lives, to enjoy relaxation and focus. To feel uplifted and determined. Through the natural properties of CBD oil.

Our business is born out of one girl’s personal struggle, with a need and determination to find an answer, to help overcome the challenges she faced – in particular, Tourettes, which, consequently, led to depression, anxiety and a debilitating fear of leaving the house. It was our inspiration to find a solution, to help others and to make easy what was once unachievable.

Discovering CBD oils simply turned her life around – and at 22, with the help of CBD oil, she finally gained the emotional strength to open up about her condition – a condition that almost miraculously has been brought under control. Cancalm® is a compassionate provider of trusted cannabis oil products that use only legal Cannabinoid CBD to help those suffering from mild to severe anxiety, depression and debilitating neurological conditions including epilepsy – and is equally effective in promoting workout recovery.

I’m Courtney Jackson.

From my own experience, I absolutely believe in our products.

​​​​​​​My future is Cancalm®. Together, it’s ours.