Create a calmer you

When we feel good about ourselves, we are better at life. At Cancalm® we supply CBD oils and products to help achieve the right balance, working naturally with your body’s endocannabinoid system to deliver a more satisfied existence. We’re about breaking down barriers, providing the highest quality CBD nutrition support to you.

What The Flipp'in Eck is CBD?

Cannabis is associated with many negative connotations, and rightly so in instances of misuse. However its potential positive properties can not be ignored.

Take it, how you like it

It’s all a matter of taste – so Cancalm® offers not one, but two flavour-intensity levels; Refined CBD and Raw CBD. Our Cancalm® Refined CBD oil with the original plant’s fats and waxes removed to leave a lighter, more palatable flavour. Whilst Cancalm® Raw CBD oil contains most of the original Hemp compounds, producing a flavour that’s more intense.

See it believe it...

We supply CBD oils and products to help achieve the right balance. Our products help towards improving our customers well-being. We're biased... of course we are - but those who aren't, tell it how it is, taking the words right out of our mouths.

Why we are who we are

One girl's struggles led to one girl's dream - to make the world a better place from the inside out.

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