Lets talk CBD Expiry dates

Can Cancalm® CBD Oil & CBD Products Expire? With only the smallest amount of care and attention, you can ensure that your CBD oil and CBD based products stay at the highest quality for the longest amount of time by following Cancalm® CBD aftercare advice!

So here it is a blog, especially tailored for the aftercare of your CBD products!


People usually take CBD Oil sublingually (under the tongue) every morning from a 10ml bottle as they wake up & every evening before bed as part of a daily routine.

So as CBD is regularly used, if taken correctly and almost “religiously!” the product should usually will be consumed within a month or two meaning you won’t have to worry about the shelf-life of your CBD oil!

However, if you have purchased a bigger bottle or if you use your CBD as and when you feel you need it, then you may need to know the best way to prevent your CBD from degrading.

Cancalm®  Oil Shelf Life

From the point CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and placed into a carrier oil, its shelf-life will generally be around 18 months. When stored in in a cool, dark and dry place.

So ensure, you: –

Keep out of direct sunlight & Keep in a cool place – This can be achieved by keeping it refrigerated or at the very least keeping the bottle out of direct sunlight and away from any heat.

Its unlikely that you will be storing your Cancalm® CBD for years. If so, store CBD in your freezer. (Ensure it has fully thawed before you use). If CBD isn’t kept cool the CBD will gradually convert into other cannabinoids causing the strength of your CBD oil to drop!

Minimize your CBD’s exposure to air – Air can slowly deteriorate your CBD product. All CBD oil products should come in air-tight containers.  So, when using it, you should minimise the amount of time that the lid is off. Also when the lid is returned to the product make sure it is completely sealed or screwed on.

Store upright – This might sound obvious! Store your bottle upright! If not the CBD may come into contact will other materials.

Avoid contamination – If your CBD comes with a pipette dropper for using sublingually (under the tongue), then ensure that you don’t touch the dropper into your mouth. This could pass germs into the liquid which may deteriorate. Also ensure that you have clean and dry hands prior to using CBD-based products to reduce germs and water entering the product.

Some general tips for keeping your CBD at the best quality are:


Keep out of the reach of children – This one goes without saying, you should be keeping all your supplements and medicines out of the reach of children, this also goes for your CBD oil. Whilst CBD doesn’t have a known point in which you can overdose and won’t cause your children to get ‘high’ or harm them, it will also stop contamination of your product.

Freeze your CBD ONLY when necessary – To ensure that you can also use your CBD product, don’t always store in -0 conditions. There is just no need. This will stop you wasting time in thawing it every time you need to use it.

Throw your CBD product away IF expired – If your product has reached its expiry then this means that we can no longer guarantee the product is safe to use.  So ensure you aren’t using expired CBD products and have used them completely prior to their expiry date.

We hope you now understand the expiry dates of your CBD oil and CBD products!