CBD (Cannabidiol) and COVID-19 The Coronavirus


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CBD combating superbugs?

Superbugs are said to be responsible for around 5,000 deaths in England each year, according to Public Health England.

So you may be aware that bacteria can learn to adapt and become drug resistant when people miss, skip or don’t finish a course of antibiotics prescribed by their GP.

I know I’m not the only one guilty when it comes to this.

One main fundamental problem is no new antibiotics have been developed in more than 10 years! Globally, fatality rates are over 700,000 to drug resistant infections for example Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV.

There is currently lots of research into CBD’s potential to reduce antibiotic resistance.

It was found in a recent study at the University of Westminster, that CBD can boost the effectiveness of infection-combating medications.

Bacteria release lots of small compounds helping them to transport nutrients and build up a defence mechanism to medications.

To put it simply… it was discovered that using CBD as a supplement could abolish bacteria’s ability to become resistant to antibiotics.

It was found by Dr Sigrun Lange, that CBD actually stops the bacteria from producing “outer membrane vesicles” (OMVs). This particular finding came from a study that showed CBD Oil prevented the bacteria E.coli from producing OMVs.

Therefore, working in hand with the antibiotics and boosting their ability to kill off bacteria and slow down reproduction.

How did she do it?

Dr Lange was a senior lecturer in molecular pathology. The study involved growing the bacteria E.coli in a lab and treating it with antibiotics.

Then one micromolar of CBD was added to the bacteria and was left for an hour to see if it had had any effects. This was repeated with higher doses of up to 5 micomolars of CBD oil using 5 commonly used antibiotics, including erythromycin etc.

Dr Lange states it was believed that CBD Oil does have anti-bacterial properties for quite some time, and that previous research suggested CBD played an important role when it came to the regulation of bacteria’s OMVs.

However, the research to show how exactly this worked wasn’t there on paper…

Now with the discovery of CBD’s potential to inhibit some bacteria from producing OMVs, It is possible CBD Oil can break down bacteria’s defence, allowing the body to combat the bacteria.

Dr Lange’s research highlights that CBD Oil combined use with antibiotics may be an important and positive new addition to the future development of new antibiotics.

Further research, such as human trials are now needed to investigate this further as antibiotic resistance is becoming more and more of a threat to society today.

Scientist holding coronavirus test tube with blood

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus becoming a ‘world wide pandemic’ we are all so more focused on this fundamental scientific research and less on the scare mongering rumours that are plastered all over the press.

Scientists worldwide are working to find a vaccination or treatment for COVID-19.

The symptoms include;

Dry cough

Shortness of breath


This only highlights that science needs to be forefront with growing demand for knowledge, research and understanding of the properties of CBD.

A new study from The Univeristy of Queensland has found– CBD can be a remarkably effective antibiotic. The study also mentions that CBD proved to be active against MRSA bacteria, suggesting it could have a future role in the fight against this so-called superbug.

Keeping up with the Cancalm Blog…

If you’re up to date with Cancalm’s Blogs, we 100% believe in our products, from personal experience to customer testimonals we whole heartedly trust the use of CBD. From spectrums ranging from anxiety and depression to the skin-care and muscle-healing properties of the hemp plant, which naturally produces CBD.

So we hope that with further scientific research into CBD’s antibacterial properties, CBD could be incorporated alongside the use of antibiotics for health conditions and global pandemics such as Coronavirus (COVID-19).

HOWEVER,… Keep CanCALM! And carry on!

CBD Oil Tincure

Here’s 10 points from us to ease your anxiety amongst all the franticness!

  1. We know what it is! (since the 7th of Jan scientist had identified this!)
  2. We know that it is from the same family of SARS and thought to be from bats
  3. We know how to detect it! Since the 13th of Jan
  4. China’s situation is improving
  5. 80% of COVID-19 are MILD
  6. You can recover
  7. Symptoms appear mild in children and can even go unnoticed!
  8. The Virus can be WIPED CLEAN on surfaces! Frequent hand-washing with soap and water is the most effective way to avoid contagion
  1. Trust the science, there’s already vaccine prototypes
  2. Whilst vaccines are preventative, Antivirals are being trialled to treat those already sick.

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